1. I. General Provisions

Except for special terms and conditions contractually stipulated with customers or partners, the operation of the cruises and their related services – including catering and entertainment – are subject to the provisions of these general terms and conditions of sale, which shall prevail over all other terms and conditions of purchase, with “Eiffel Croisières®” not being held liable for the latter. Any booking or purchase of a service automatically entails the acceptance of these general terms and conditions of sale.

1. II. Bookings and Cancellations

Bookings are essential for the cruise and catering (except for passage subject to availability) and may be made by letter, on internet, telephonically or on site. Tickets are issued via internet. In the event of the sending of tickets via the postal system at the client’s specific request, any additional shipping and handling fees shall be charged to such a client.

  • Restaurant-Cruises for individuals (less than 15 persons) : Unless expressly agreed otherwise, bookings are only confirmed following pre-payment of the full amount of the ordered service. Additional passengers shall be admitted depending on available seats. Vouchers shall only be accepted when issued by an authorised “Eiffel Croisières®” intermediary. For individual clients, any booking that is not taken up shall be billed by “Eiffel Croisières®” at the full rate, unless it is cancelled 72 hours in advance. Should this cancellation occur between 72 hours and 24 hours before service delivery, a change of date may be granted, with the postponement required to take place within a maximum period of 6 months depending on Eiffel Croisières’ availability, and under terms and conditions that may not be higher than those originally agreed on. “Eiffel Croisières®” reserves the right to market to other clients seats that become available owing to bookings not taken up.

  • Restaurant-Cruises for groups (more than 15 persons): The exact number of passengers must be communicated no later than three full working days before the date of the cruise, and this number may not be reduced by more than 10% maximum subject to refunding of the difference, while the minimum number of passengers required for private bookings per boat are to be upheld. Any increase in the number of passengers originally provided for is subject to approval. Bookings made 30 working days prior to the service provision benefit from an option for a period of 7 working days; 50% payment of the total amount of the service provision shall be paid as a deposit at the end of this 7-day period. Deposits are strictly forfeited in the event of cancellation. Bookings made at least 30 working days prior to the service provision benefit from an option for a period of 3 working days; 50% payment of the total amount of the service provision shall be paid as a deposit at the end of this 3-day period. Deposits are strictly forfeited in the event of cancellation. For bookings made at least 15 working days period to the service provision, payment of 50% of the total amount of the service provision shall be immediately payable as a deposit, which shall be strictly forfeited in the event of cancellation. The remaining balance for restaurant cruises shall strictly be paid 7 working days prior to the service provision, with no cancellations being allowed from that date. For groups of more than 15 persons, a special set menu shall be selected by the client at least 7 days prior to the service provision. Should this timeframe not be respected, a special menu shall be proposed by the Chef. Under special circumstances, specific booking timeframes may be applied for special events such as Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, the 14th of July, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. This type of special event shall, for individual or group bookings, be subject to immediate full payment, with the tickets being neither refundable nor exchangeable.

1. III. Rates, Invoicing & Payments

Unless otherwise agreed at the time of booking, the applicable pricing conditions are those in force on the effective date of the service provision. Rates for the services are updated on the 1st of April each year. Deferred invoicing is subject to the express prior agreement of “Eiffel Croisières®”. In this case, each invoice must be paid by cheque or bank wire on receipt or within 15 working days of the invoice date. Any late payment shall rightfully and without formality entail the billing of late interest calculated on the main exclusive amount due, at a rate of one and a half times the legal interest rate according to the provisions of French law 92 -1442. Late interest amounts shall be applied – from the date following the payable date of the main amount – to the actual total payable amount. No discounts are granted for cash payments. During special event days such as those indicated above, special rates and set menus shall be offered to both individuals and groups.

1. IV. Payment for cruises

1) Obligations on the part of “Eiffel Croisières®”: Eiffel Croisières shall do everything in its power to ensure the seamless operation of the cruises in line with the booking terms and conditions. Under no circumstances shall “Eiffel Croisières®” be held liable for any compensation or refund in the event of a change to the schedule, or duration of a cruise owing to instances of force majeure or “water-related events” or owing to any instructions given by the authorities in charge of navigation or in the event of a change of vessel. If required, the itinerary may be modified without the provision of notice. The cruise fee only affects the cruise itself. Comments are free and optional.

2) Obligations on the part of clients-passengers :
  • The passenger or full group of passengers must present themselves at the tourist river boat mooring spot at the latest 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. Should the passenger or group of passengers arrive after the boat’s departure, they shall not be entitled to a refund or any form of compensation. For private cruises, “Eiffel Croisières®” reserves the right to reduce the cruise by a time equivalent to the delay taken by the customer on boarding with any related impact on the provided service.
  • In the interests of navigation safety and order on board, from the moment the passenger is invited on board, they will need to immediately and strictly comply with the instructions provided by crew members on board. Passengers may only board at the time provided for by the contract.
  • No animal or item that may be deemed to be dangerous to passengers or crew members shall be permitted on board.
  • “Eiffel Croisières®” shall not be held responsible in the event of theft or any damage to clothing, hand luggage, or equipment (cameras, mobile phones etc.) belonging to clients on the pontoon or on boats or in their vehicles parked in the car park may suffer.
  • “Eiffel Croisières®” reserves the right to invoice the client for any damage of equipment that they themselves, or a member of their group may cause.
  • Any person foreign to the service may not, without special permission, enter the engine area, the steering station or kitchen.
  • Outside performers: “Eiffel Croisières®” organises certain events. By way of derogation, should the client wish to organise this part of the service themselves, they shall undertake to provide the company with the following documents: a quotation or invoice from the service provider or the artists’ preliminary statement of hiring, and a valid civil liability certificate of insurance (or the service provider’s civil liability insurance certificate). Failure to provide such documents two working days at the latest prior to the service provision, the service provider or the artists shall be denied access to the boat on which the show has been provided for. Except through express exemption, external service providers shall not be entitled to use the sound or light equipment or any instruments belonging to Eiffel Croisières.

1. V. Liability Insurance :

No person shall be entitled to benefit from any cover unless they are in possession of a travel ticket (ticket, boarding pass) issued by “Eiffel Croisières”. As its cruises are subject to the rules of river navigation, “Eiffel Croisières®” reserves the right to assess the navigability or non-navigability of the river. Cruises may be cancelled or changed at any time from the time of booking including on the scheduled day of departure in application of the abovementioned rules, or in the event of poor weather likely to place the safety of the passengers on board at risk. “Eiffel Croisières®” shall not be held responsible for the consequences of the failure by passengers to uphold these general terms and conditions and general and specific police regulations, without prejudice to the damages and interests that it is entitled to request owing to the damage that it will have suffered owing to this non-compliance. “Eiffel Croisières®” shall not be held liable for damage to passengers that may occur during the cruise when such damage has been caused by one of the following causes: sudden flooding, storms, collision with another vessel responsible, even partially, for the accident and for any other unforeseeable event. “Eiffel Croisières®” shall not be held liable in the event of loss or the fall of any objects or in the event of damage caused to the clothes, hand luggage or equipment of its clients.

1. VI. Applicable law – Allocation of competent jurisdictione :

Any disagreement or dispute arising from the interpretation of these terms and conditions and/or from the performance of the service provision shall be exclusively subject to French law. Only the competent courts of the Court of Appeal of Paris shall have jurisdiction to rule, unless Eiffel Croisières decides otherwise.